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I provide a range of services, and I'm constantly taking educational courses to provide optimum service and create positive changes in your health.
Not sure if something might be right for you? Ask me!
Direct billing, compassionate pricing, and senior care available.

Swedish massage uses a combination of hands, forearms and/or elbows in order to manipulate the superficial layers of muscles to provide full body relaxation.

Active or passive movement of the joints may also be used as part of this technique.

60 min   $85   |   90 min   $125


Myofascial cupping involves using small cups to pull muscles in much the same way massage pushes them.

It assists in maintaining range of motion, eliminating Myofascial Trigger Points and reducing restrictive and sometimes painful fascial adhesions commonly caused by repetitive movement.


60 min   $100   |   90 min   $140


Deep tissue massage is focused on the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia, also called connective tissue, and pressure will generally be more intense.


The focus is to release chronic muscle tension (knots) -- also known as “adhesions”.

60 min   $85   |   90 min   $125


Reflexology involves applying pressure to various parts of the hands and feet.

It's a natural therapeutic method derived from the principle that there are reflexes in the body that map to other parts, glands and organs of the body.

60 min   $85

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage helps to relax your body and ease tension in both the muscles and any damaged soft tissues throughout your body.


The stones are made of a type of volcanic rock that retains heat and can be placed along your spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, and feet.

60 min   $100   |   90 min   $140

Reiki Treatment

Craniosacral therapy involves small, rhythmic motions to certain joints in the skull in order to regulate flow within the body.

It is a gentle therapy, excellent for relieving stress and tension. 

60 min   $115

I am also a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner/Level 1 Teacher. Bio-Energy healing is the art of tuning into the bio-energy or life-force that surrounds and makes up us all, and helping to re-balance that energy. 

If you're curious about bio-energy healing, or about learning how to do it yourself, check my News page! I offer workshops and information on a regular basis.

  • Received my Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner Diploma in 2017

  • Received my Bio-Energy Healing Level 1 Teaching/Training Diploma in 2018

60 min   $115   |   5 sessions recommended

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